The Energy Storage Project

The broad aim of the project has been to reduce the cost of heating an existing house using technology that captures and stores energy from sustainable sources.

The project has been organised into three distinct phases:-

- A passive solar energy capture system has been installed. It converts sunlight into heat during winter months. Cool air from inside the building is fed into the base of the passive solar energy chimney. Warm air is drawn out of the top of the chimney, through the loft of the building and down into the rooms on the ground floor.

- The second phase involves the use of an air source heat pump to extract the heat from the chimney and either heat the air inside the building or to produce hot water.

- The third phase is will involve the long term storage of heat energy captured during summer months and the retrieval of that energy in the autumn and early winter months.

A set of simple, low cost, technologies is being produced that can be retrofitted, in some cases by householders themselves, to existing homes. These technologies will marketed in conjunction with secondary glazing and green building system providers.