Energy Storage

Technical issues relating to the storage of renewable energy

Low Cost Seasonal Heat Storage

Often talk is about storing solar energy. Usually they mean electrical energy. By using "annualized geo solar" heat storage with insulation reducing heat loss summer heat can be stored in the ground under a building. Invented by Don Stephens and his engineer, this takes attic or other summer heat into the ground under a building, using insulation to reduce escaping. This duo even has a finite element analysis program to work out proper design for a new building before any of it is even started. This can be a retrofit also.

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Road Energy

Ooms constructed the runways for Schiphol Airport and the current Mainport Schiphol. In the 1960s, the company moved into highway construction and undertook the earthworks for the planned extension of towns such as Hoorn and Enkhuizen. During this period Ooms set his sights on opportunities abroad. In the late 1970s, the company began developing its own range of specialist products and technology. It also expanded its initial international operations in Belgium and Germany into its current worldwide production of bituminous products.

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